Martina Stažnik practices the integration of participatory leadership practices and systems approaches in the design and implementation of transformation processes with individuals, groups and organizations.

Her work with individuals, groups and organizations  is based on a process approach, collaborative learning and participatory leadership to create a context for activating collective knowledge that will enable innovative processes and sustainable solutions.

She has deep experience of transformative processes at the individual and group (organizational) level as a practitioner of systemic psychotherapy and cybernetics.

She has professional experience of civil society sector development and experience of working in non-profits with deep insight in political context and social processes, having both personal and professional experience in conflict /post-conflict environment area.

Works with various profiles of nonprofit and for-profit organizations, multiethnic and multicultural groups, as well as socially vulnerable groups. She is constantly improving herself through various trainings that help her in personal development and in creative work with organizations and groups. She has extensive experience in participatory and process methods and approaches to learning (Service Learning, Becavta, Bohm Dialogue, Process Work).

Provides innovative and creative design for seminars and conferences, especially working with large groups and is a member of the international network eng. Art of Hosting Facilitator (Key Methods: World Café, Open Space Technology, Pro Action Café, Appreciative Inquiry, Collective Mind-Mapping, Action Learning, The Art of Harvesting, Consensus Decision Making).

Vidya Counseling Ltd. provides facilitation, training and counseling services on an individual and organizational level.

She posess extensive professional experience in supporting transformative social processes, in designing, hosting and facilitating learning and self-organizing processes, culture transformation processes, self-care and wellbeing processes, deep dialogues, conflict resolution and transformatio processes with groups, and numerous strategic conversations in various communities and organizations, for non-profit and for-profit organizations in the broader  international area.

As well, she brings extensive experience in process design, curricula development and assessment of  capacity building and counseling, training, mentoring and coaching  programs for professionals / adult learners in various areas of organizational development, transformational leadership, strategic thinking and innovative learning approaches.


Psychotherapist under supervision, practitioner of  system therapy and cybernetic, the School of Cybernetics and Systems Therapy Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, University of Zagreb and Association for Cybernetics Psychotherapy and Organization, Rijeka, Croatia, European Accredited Psychotherapy Training Institute (EAPTI). 

MA in Political Science, Zagreb University, Faculty of Political Science, Zagreb (2006.). University  program of pedagogical-psychological-didactic-methodical training intended for non-teaching professionals (2001.)

Points of You® Practicioner(2019.), Endorsed Externship in Emotionally Focused Therapy, Kyriaki Polychroni, M.A., C.G.P., E.C.P., EFT Therapist/Supervisor (2016.),  Leading through Circle & Story by Ann Linnea i Christina Baldwin (2012.);  Warrior of the Heart training, (Interchange, 2012), Becoming Aware of the “I” in Dialogue (Orland Bishop facilitation 2012), Member of International Art of Hosting Network (2009.), Practicioner Diploma in Executive Coaching, accredit by ICF, EMCC, Middlesex University (2011.); Certificate of professional development; EU Information, Training and Scholarship Program, NZRCD&ECAS (2006.),; Mentor for Practical Quality Assurance System for Small  Organizations – SOKNO, Academy for Educational Development (2006.); Consultant in the area of  Citizen Participation, Local Government Reform Program, The Urban Institute i USAID (2001.), Betzavta Seminar for Future Multipliers, U.G. D@dalos (2005).